Artist Statement



Serenity is found not in a state in which temporal evolution ceases, but in a dynamic process where individual events are integrated into a homogeneous whole. Serenity as a homogenization process is represented in congeries of time. Time is intrinsically heterogeneous in that, at every time instance, every one experiences random, unique events of one’s own. Upon accumulation, however, the individual heterogeneity is melted into memory and the congeries of time becomes an inseparable whole. Hence, time flow is a homogenization process. Projected onto the flow, time and timelessness become indistinguishable.


Through my continuous artistic experiments, I seek to evoke the congeries of time in emotional space by employing dynamic images of organic shapes. The inspiration came from my own experience of observing plants, which demonstrates the processes of life. I recorded my observations, noting biological details, development of roots, changes of stems and leaves over time. Abstracting organic shapes from these studies, I find life forms floating in a universe, a spatio-temporal construction with infinite temporal layers of such beings. As the layers accumulate, the meaning of each layer emerges and finds a new integration, pointing to a universal synthesis. I feel the same event happening repeatedly in time, creating new meanings; the organisms floating in the universe interact with a dynamic trajectory linking past, present, and future.


In my drawings, I superpose many layers of transparent drawings. Superposition of these drawings constitutes a sub-composition, which are again carefully assembled to form an even larger dynamics. The drawings are installed as three-dimensional objects by separating the drawings from the white wall. The superposition of the sub-compositions and the three-dimensional installation makes those drawings interactive objects; the meaning of the drawings interacts with the observers through the lighting, distance, and surroundings.


My photographs point to the same congeries of time in nature. The fjord, glacier, and permafrost record a history of change, an accumulation of time, transformation that points both to the past and to the future - in the only apparent stillness of the present moment. Such images suggest the temporal dynamism of geological processes, and evoke a phenomenology of space and geometry of form in the emotional texture captured by the photographic image. The mirroring surfaces of land- and seascapes, shrouded by clouds, offer a sense of serenity and timelessness that I seek to evoke in my painting.